Brutal Invasion


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Brutal Invasion is about hot sexy babes having their throat invaded by a huge cock. Simply put this site depicts extreme deep throating. In this picture she is looking at a large cock with a pinkish head. It looks like she’s measuring its size while she opens her mouth. She looks at the cock and studies it very well. This is so far the biggest cock she’s seen. The pink head of the cock matches her bright pink lipstick. Her long blonde hair is pulled at the back. She is lying down on a light gray couch with a matching light gray pillow. The walls of the room have a nice cool blue paint. The floor is made of polished wooden tiles. There is a wide sheet that is spread on the floor.

Brutal Invasion Jocelyn


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Brutal Invasion Jocelyn is naked and in the middle of five naked men. All of their cocks look hard and stiff. She decides to kneel down on the floor. Her long blonde hair is tied up at the back making her face free from any strands. One cock is placed inside her mouth. In the meantime, her hands are busy holding two cocks. One is pointed straight at her and has a darker skin tone. The bigger one has a lighter skin tone. The man who owns the cock that is placed inside her mouth is also holding her shiny hair.

Brutal Invasion Abby


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Brutal Invasion Abby makes it out on a small bench with a stand made of steel. The wooden floor is covered with grayish blue carpet. The color matches the sky blue blinds hanging by the wall. The adjacent wall seemed to be newly painted with white. There is a folded wooden table underneath the shelf. It has stripes in various colors such as gray, red, pink, fuschia, indigo, orange, light green, and sky blue. Both of them are naked. While he is standing, he places his cock inside her pussy. She looks at him and gives out a long moan.

Brutal Invasion Gina


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Brutal Invasion Gina chooses to make it out with two men instead of just one. This means she can enjoy two hard cocks at the same time. The man who is standing and wearing a bright blue shirt places his cock inside her anus. The other man who is on the cream couch puts his cock inside her pussy. She is also on the couch with her knees bent and placed against the surface. She wears nothing else except a pink beaded necklace and a pair of pink boots with white prints. There is a dark orange curtain hanging in the background.

Brutal Invasion Madlen


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Brutal Invasion Madlen is inside a room filled with lots of bright colors. The large bed is covered with blue sheets that have large prints. There’s a small pillow covered with a light blue pillowcase. On the side the bed is a pot of flowers which looked like the sunflower. The huge white wall is adorned with green curtains. The lower lining is painted in blue with some thin yellow lines across. The man is lying down on the bed. The woman is seated on his top. Her peach dress is rolled in the middle of her body. She wears a choker around her neck. She likes the way his cock penetrates his pussy.

Brutal Invasion Tonya


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Brutal Invasion Tonya likes the number two a lot. She also likes cocks that are long and hard. She decides to stay in the middle of the two men. She positions herself on top of the bed. Her ass is facing the camera. She waits for him to put his cock inside her pussy. She gives him a look and sees him aiming his cock. While she does this, her mouth is busy playing with another hard cock. The man who owns the cock is holding her hair. He wants to keep her hair away from her face. Perhaps he wants to watch what she’s doing with his big cock.

Brutal Invasion Chloe


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Brutal Invasion Chloe uses a gray leather couch and a wide chair with dark cushion accented with red. The man at the other end puts his huge cock inside her mouth. He is also holding her blonde hair and pulls it away from her face. The woman is wearing bright blue shirt which is rolled up to her breasts. The breasts look big and fit for sucking. She also wears a choker with colourful beads around her neck and a pair of flip flops. Her knees are raised and placed near her body. The other man has his cock placed inside her pussy.

Brutal Invasion Avery


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Brutal Invasion Avery wants men with long and hard cocks. She prefers to make it out on the long gray couch. Her face is flat on the surface while her ass is angled up. She uses her bent knee to help her elevate her ass. The skirt of her dress is pulled up until her waist. Its color and motif match the bright band around her wrist. Her hair looks like it’s tied up with a pink ponytail. The man puts his cock inside her pussy. His cock looks long and hard. His arms are crossed and his hands are placed on her ass.

Brutal Invasion Nikky


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Brutal Invasion Nikky likes men who have a darker skin tone than hers. Her naked body looked slim and slender. Her ass is medium-sized. She kneels down on the couch and bends her lean body. She uses her elbow to help her carry her weight. Her other hand is stretched and reaches out to her ass. She tries to hold it tightly as a way to widen up her pussy. Her blue ponytail matches the clean blue wall. Her mouth lets out a loud moan as he puts his cock inside her pussy and penetrates it. His hands are placed on her ass while he pumps.

Brutal Invasion Lucie


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Brutal Invasion Lucie lies down on the couch, her boobs touching the surface. She likes to keep her body stretched by trying to reach out to her foot with her hands. She holds this position while she enjoys the big pinkish cock placed inside her mouth. She wants to be able to do this without holding the cock with her hands. Her boobs rest on a printed cloth that is placed on a striped pillow. The room has light blue walls and indigo carpet. As she plays with his cock, he holds her hair away from her face. She has straight blonde hair.